Lynnie & Lug

Lynnie & Lug vs. The Forest is a brand-new, fifty page children’s book and the first entry in the Lynnie & Lug Trilogy. It was written by celebrated voice actor & author Robbie Daymond and fully illustrated in stunning watercolor by acclaimed artist Faryn Hughes.

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About the author

Robbie Daymond is a steadfast storyteller and entertainer by nature. After completing his M.F.A. in Acting, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in performance and writing. As a prolific voice-artist and actor, he has voiced hundreds of characters in western animation, anime, commercials, film, television, audiobooks and videogames.
Though he has worked as a writer in other areas, this is his first children’s book, and he is absolutely thrilled and grateful that you decided to read it. (So are his wife, Megan; their daughter, Lynnyx; and the family pets—Zelda, the dog, and Link, the cat.) He and his fantastic family spend their days in Los Angeles and love exploring their big, beautiful city. Robbie hopes to continue to tell stories—whether they be in a sound booth, on stage or screen, or on the page—for as long as he has an audience that will enjoy the tales.