Lynnie & Lug vs. The Forest


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The people are missing and the world has grown dark.
Alone in a cabin, lives Lynnie Laura Lark.
She is brave, kind, creative and strong,
And with her smarts and some parts, not alone for long…

Lynnie & Lug vs. The Forest is a brand-new, fifty page children’s book and the first entry in the Lynnie & Lug Trilogy. It was written by celebrated voice actor & author Robbie Daymond and fully illustrated in stunning watercolor by acclaimed artist Faryn Hughes.

It’s a story of an ingenious little girl and her loyal robot. Together, their friendship will guide them on a grand adventure. The journey will be treacherous, full of excitement, danger and fun, but before they can think about saving the world, they must first find their way out of the forest.

Lynnie & Lug will be available for purchase on October 31st in Hard-cover, Paperback & E-book on Amazon & Print-to-order wholesale for book stores and libraries through Ingram Spark.

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Hardcopy, Paperback, E-book

Posted October 24, 2019